Typographic Design
Website Design

Scribble is a display typeface. It was created for an interactive game website. The website was targeted toward younger children to help them develop their numbers 1-10, and their ABCs. Scribble utilizes primary colors and bubble letters to appeal to a younger audience. Each letter and number has two colors, with “scribbles” to mimic the freedom of “coloring outside of the lines”.

I created this site with the goal of it becoming an interactive gaming website for young students. The goal was to create a game for students to be able to practice numbers 1–10, and their ABCs, while also having fun. The website contains three games. The first game is a version of “Brick Breakers”, which replaces the “ball” with a repetitive .gif of numbers 1–10. The second game is a version of “Pong”, where the ball is a .gif of letters A–Z. The final game is a “reward” game, where you choose a player, and play a version of “Flappy Bird”. Throughout the website, the scribble text is used to create cohesion.