To Taste: A Batura Family Cookbook
Publication Design
To Taste is a recipe book dedicated to preserving my family history. It’s filled with traditional Polish recipes and stories about how they connect to my family. The book tells the story of my family emigrating from Poland during WW2 and eventually finding a home in the United States.

I created this cookbook to document my family’s recipes which have been passed down through generations. Oftentimes, I found myself calling up my Grandmother asking for a recipe. I realized that these recipes hadn’t been documented. They were living within my Grandmother’s head. I decided that I would create this cookbook with these recipes, not only for myself, but for the rest of my family. At the end of the book, I have included a family tree, along with photos of my extended family, to honor all of them.

Each recipe has it’s own anecdote recounting the recipe’s relationship to the family. The format of the book was chosen to mimic hand-written recipe cards. Throughout the book, there are photographs taken by myself using color film.